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Tinkerbell watching #HonestTrailers

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i just want to learn to be ambidextrous so i can eat and use the mouse at the same time

notes to my sister volunteering at camp 1.1

So, yeah…. we miss you O.o

Especially me when I was home alone for two nights… I carried my gun everywhere. Seriously. Even in the bathroom. It wasn’t so much that I was scared, I just thought it would be pretty stupid to die because someone broke in while I was peeing and killed me because I left my gun on the tv tray where I was watching Remington Steele. (Did you know Remington had only one “m”?)

Also you used almost the last of the peanut butter and all but one pizza (not that I was eating them at the same time). But you are lucky that I had enough to last until today…. because otherwise I would have been exceptionally put out.
Why aren’t you sending me any pins?! I am sending you so many. Because I MISS YOU. It certainly doesn’t seem LIKE YOU MISS ME AT ALL.
If you do two of the following before Wednesday, I will send you two more emails (thereby increasing your chances of getting chaired):
1. Send me a postcard
2. Send me a 4 minute video message (can include other people)
3. Send me $100
And you already said you’d send a picture of your prairie dress. I would like to think that you’re a woman of your word. Let your yes be yes and all that jazz.
If you don’t send a picture, then when you get home I will refuse to listen to any stories of things that happened while you were wearing it. Capisce? 


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Another #thunder #storm - so #awesome

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the beginning makes water bleed from my eyes.

then during the middle, i conquer so much stuff.

the end is for beautiful rest.

so basically an average day, but with more drama.

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yeah, Toothless and I are pretty tight now…. pretty sure he likes me better than he likes Hiccup…


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made it ^_^

Ewok…. my skills result in uneven eyes…

Some of my favorite books…. I have two bookcases in my room and only one shelf has something other than books filling it. Yes, I am a bibliophile. A proud one  ;)  But I am trying to slow down because collecting books doesn’t really line up with my life goals…. like traveling and living overseas…. and being able to just pack up on a whim…. or being able to serve where I’m needed without having things to tie me down.

But I’m still proud of my books…  ;)